Sunday, May 10, 2009

Black Hawk Down

Ridley Scott has outdone himself!! The movie is about the American invasion of Somalia. It is kind of like the Bollywood movie L.O.C. A vast and varied cast has worked hard to make the movie look realistic. However just like almost every American war movie, it idolizes the 'American war effort'.

The cinematography is spectacular, the angles are amazing. The movie is about an attempt made to capture Mohammed Farah Aidid a local warlord causing civil unrest. The American troops were deployed to arrest him after reports of over 300,000 deaths came in...a genocide.

The title of the movie-'Black Hawk Down' may seem inappropriate at first but makes sense only when you watch the movie. The whole operation is going perfectly until a Black Hawk(their helicopter) gets hit with a R.P.G.(rocket propelled grenade).

The movie is based on a true story so variation is not possible however watching it is a visual delight. The producers have been generous with the sets and the equipment. . Hats off to Scott.

The movie is much better than the previous HBO production-The Kingdom of Heaven. Although TKH had a more unheard of story, the cinematography is very ordinary. The Black Hawk Down story is a little more descriptive for those of you who like such movies. The movie goes a little over 2 hours and gets a little boring in between.

Despite getting 2 Oscars, Black Hawk Down didn't do so well at the box office.

RATING: ****


Bryan Singer has done a splendid job with valkyrie. It has all the necessary components of a great movie -action, drama, story and a wonderful cast. Traditionally moviemakers love to make movies with a happy ending.. Singer follows the new trend of making a historical movie in which the good guys loose. Although the end is known, the director has obviously put in a lot of effort in making the movie worthwhile. The plot revolves around a young kernel, a true patriot of Germany who is sick of the unnecessary war that is tearing apart Europe. He sets out to assassinate Hitler and set up an immediate replacement government using the same scheme Hitler had planned to protect his regeme if he died. Ace star Tom Cruise wonderfully fits in the character of the young Kernel.
The movie is dynamic. The director should have used a little more German in the movie, the language and the actors both look and sound too British.
The movie is a must watch, especially for those who are into historic flicks.